How many different Host Interfaces are supported on the GainSpan modules?

For the GS1011 and GS1500 modules, there are two interfaces, SPI and UART. For the GS2000 based modules, there are 3 interfaces, SPI, UART and SDIO. Refer to GainSpan SDK Builder User Guide for more information.

  • UART (Standard baud rates from 9600b/s to 921.6Kb/s Maximum) - baud rate for UART is 115200 (default). This could be enhanced to 921600, if GPIO25 is set high. No hardware flow control.
  • SPI (Maximum 10MHz Slave, Maximum 30MHz Master). 2 SPI interfaces are available to the application and can be configured master or slave. Baud rate for SPI is 1.2MHz clock.
  • SDIO (Maximum 40MHz). Slave mode only supported
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