How does the GS2000 handle security schemes?

  • The GS2000 has two crypto blocks, one (1) for WLAN and one (1) for app.
  • WLAN crypto block is responsible for all L2 layer encryption and decryption.
  • APP crypto block has three sub systems and responsible for all higher layer protocols.
    • Encryption/Decryption block (responsible for encryption and decryption). E.g. SSL
    • RNG (Random Number Generator)
    • The Public Key Accelerator (PKA): This is a general purpose long arithmetic engine, providing acceleration for asymmetric mathematical computations. The PKA offloads processor-intensive functions from the main CPU, by performing computation such as large numbers multiplication and exponentiation. The PKA significantly improves performance of computationally intensive public key algorithms such as RSA, Diffie-Helman (D-H) and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), which are used in various secure networking protocols.
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