When issuing the command to get the MAC address, we would sometimes get the number printed on the module's sticker, and sometimes we would get a value that was one higher.

The GS2000 uses two (2) MAC addresses that are written on Module OTP memory. How are these two (2) MAC addresses used on the GS2000 modules?

  • This is expected indeed, what is happening is that GS2K (GS2011 and GS2100) modules use the following MAC addresses:
  • The MAC address printed on the module’s sticker (20:f8:5e:b0:64:0e) which will be STATION mode when the module is operating as a WiFi Client.
  • A MAC address equal to the one printed on the module’s sticker plus one when the module is operating as a limited Access Point.

The second MAC address will be Stick MAC+1 (20:f8:5e:b0:64:0f) will be used in Limited AP mode. By default case and STATION mode (AT+WM=0), "AT+NAMC=?" displays module sticker MAC address. But in case of Limited AP mode (AT+WM=2), AT_NMAC=? returns Limited AP MAC address i.e.,  20:f8:5e:b0:64:0f in your module case.


The reason is to be able to support concurrent mode (that is, operating simultaneously as a limited AP and as a client), a GainSpan module would need two different MAC addresses, one used as a limited AP and the second one used a s a client. This is because, to have traffic flow from the limited AP to the client, two MAC addresses are needed.

To solve this need, the decision was made that our firmware would simply use the MAC address on the module’s sticker when operating as a client and a MAC address higher by one than that address when operating as a limited AP. This is indeed expected behavior.


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