When should one run first time Live Cal? For example, during final assembly or after final assembly? Do you have an AT command to force a calibration?

Yes, GainSpan has AT commands to allow you to control when you want to run first time Live Cal to run in your production process, i.e., after final assembly.  We recommend you run Live Cal in the final assembly (as a minimum with the actual antenna connected). Once you have run it in production after that in the field, Live Cal will run only if there is enough change in temperature (or a channel change) that causes the module to run another Cal (temperature compensation Cal)  and it runs seamlessly in the background. These Cal values are stored in FLASH. For any module it will only run a Cal ONCE in its lifetime for each temperature "bucket"/channel combination that module encounters and stored in FLASH. If the FLASH is erased, the module will not find the Cal values so will automatically run first time Live Cal at that point.  Refer to the GainSpan GS2000 Live Smart Calibration Application Note for AT commands, and the GainSpan Serial-to-Wi-Fi Adapter Guide.

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