Can the value of the Content-Type header be changed?

Our application is setup as a WEBSERVER. We are going to use the HTTPSend command to send RAW HTTP data to a browser on an iPad. We would like to know if there is a way to change the Content-Type header from "applicatoin/xml" to "application/javascript" or "application/json"?


Refer to the following AT command seqeunce.


at+ndhcp=1                                       //Enabling the DHCP client on the GS Module
at+wa=SSID                                      //GS Module trying to associate with the AP with the particular SSID
at+xmlparse=0                                 //Disabling the xmlparser
at+webserver=1,admin,admin        //To start the web server on the GS Module


Start Cygwin console and use the following Curl command to send HTTP POST RAW data request:

Curl -u username:password -d 'Raw data' http:///



Curl -u admin:admin -d 'Sndrawdata'



On the GS Module, send POST response to HTTP client (PC Cygwin) by using the following command:



Issue H

CID is one ASCII character in hexadecimal. Length is in 4-bigit ASCII decimal number.



AT+HTTPSEND=0,7,100,/gainspan/profile/mcu,12 //Here CID is the first byte observed on the MCU when we sent data from the Cygwin tool.


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