How to use Wi-Fi and 3G coexistence on smartphone, when it is connected to GS module limited AP mode on Wi-Fi?

Enable 3G on smartphone and for Wi-Fi create the GS module Limited AP mode with following DHCP settings. The smartphone then uses 3G for reaching to internet as DNS server and gateway is not exposed in DHCP Offer by GS/Wi-Fi.


AT command format is as shown below.



For example in below case, iPhone6 was able to reach internet and ping the GainSpan AP as well:

iPhone 6 (3G enabled) - Associated to GS WiFi.


Step 1:

In GainSpan:

at+wm=2 //Mode as Limited AP

at+nset=,,   //Set IP Address and subnet mask and gateway

at+dhcpsrvr=1,1,1,      //Start DHCP server but do NOT provide gateway or DNS server in DHCP

at+wa=test3G,,3        //Start limited AP


Step 2:

In iPhone6

Enable 3G in Iphone6

Enable WiFi in iPhone6

Connect to test3G WiGi


Step 3:

In iPhone6

Test ping to GainSpan IP: Working

Test ping to working

Browse google: working.


Note: iNet Tools application is used for PING test. Standard browser is used for browsing Google.


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