Is there a way for the embedded web server to work with dynamic web pages?

Dynamic webpages can be accomplished by using GSLink, which basically allows a microcontroller to send HTTP and XML data through the webserver in our module. What is done is that the static portions of a webpage are stored by the webserver in the GainSpan module and served.

The dynamic portions of the webpage are then given URL(s) that point to having the request to such webpage entity being requested from the MCU through GSLink. When a web browser requests the complete webpage, it will receive most of the webpage from the webserver in the GainSpan module and will then send a GSLink serial request to the MCU for each of the dynamic entities in the webpage, which the MCU will then reply to with a serial command. The webserver will then encapsulate the data received from the microcontroller in the proper format (HTTP or XML) and send it to the web browser.

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