Antennas GainSpan used for FCC qualification.

Please see the  attached the datasheets of the antennas GainSpan  used for FCC qualification. It is  NOT okay to use “any 2.4GHz external antenna with 50 ohm impedance”.  At a minimum, the new antenna also needs to be the same basic type and equal or lower gain than the antenna we qualified with.  

An FCC certified test lab would be your best source of information on regulatory requirements.

Here is a short quote from paragraph 15.204 of the FCC part 15 document:

(4) Any antenna that is of the same

type and of equal or less directional

gain as an antenna that is authorized

with the intentional radiator may be

marketed with, and used with, that intentional

radiator. No retesting of this

system configuration is required.

The full document is at:

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